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In 2004, the botanical garden added an orangery next to the domed greenhouse. It houses large, valuable container plants from Mediterranean climates over the winter. The collection is unique in its quality and diversity of species: it contains myrtles, conifers from the Southern Hemisphere, pyrophytes from Australia and South Africa, and many other plants. In the past, many of those plants had to be trimmed or given away after a certain time, as they would grow too large for the existing greenhouses.

The new orangery is 13 metres tall and spans an area of 325 m². With its modern ventilation system, it offers ideal conditions for the plants. Eight-metre-tall entrance gates allow the plants to be transported upright, which makes our employees’ work easier and protects the plants from damage.

In summer, when the plants are on display in the ootdoor sections of the botanical garden, the orangery provides a pleasant setting for plant markets, lectures and exhibitions.

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