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Gardening apprenticeships

With over 18,000 apprenticeships in existence throughout Germany, the gardening profession is the most important one in the agriculture/horticulture sector. Over 6,500 young people opt each year to undergo training in this green branch of industry. The proportion of women has ranged from 30 to 35 per cent in the last few years. Trained gardeners, including gardeners with managerial skills, are needed in various areas of horticulture and thus have good job opportunities and prospects for the future. The foundation for a successful career is a completed course of vocational training. In almost 40 Botanical Gardens and similar facilities in Germany, it is possible to take an apprenticeship in the recognised profession of gardener. Young people interested in training to become a gardener at the University of Düsseldorf’s Botanical Garden can choose between perennial gardening and ornamental plant growing.


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