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Schubkarre mit Gartenwerkzeug

Training as a Perennial Gardener

The HHU botanical garden trains up to ten apprentice gardeners at a time in the specialism of perennial gardening, an official training occupation recognised by the Federal government. There are also up to five placements available to interns who wish to prepare for their work or studies or learn the occupation alongside their day job or studies.

We fill our apprenticeships on 1 August every year. Vacancies are advertised on the HHU website in autumn.

Requirements and training content

Duration three years (two years if you hold the Fachhochschulreife certificate, which qualifies you for technical college, or an equivalent qualification )
Academic requirements Hauptschulabschluss (the German general certificate of lower secondary education) or equivalent
Other requirements An interest in handling plants
An understanding of vital processes in nature
Manual dexterity, technical and business acumen
Good physical condition, weather resilience
Flexibility , mobility, ability to work in a team
Vocational school Block teaching: two weeks at the botanical garden, one week at school
In-house classes alongside the practical training
Courses run by multiple organisations one week at the agricultural teaching institute (Deutsche Lehranstalt für Agrartechnik, DEULA) in Kempen, two weeks at the teaching and research institute for gardening (Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau) in Münster-Wolbeck
Activities Apprentices learn to breed, cultivate and care for a wide range of plants and plan and maintain green spaces.
Application HHU advertises its vacancies in September and October.


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