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Guided Tours for Pupils

On guided tours, pupils can be introduced to modern scientific findings, with special attention given to the pupils’ age.

In the pollination biology section, it can be illustrated how plants and animals have become adapted to each other in the course of evolution.

The garden of cultivated plants containing over 150 species and varieties shows our everyday food plants in their original, unprocessed form.

The plants of the Apothecaries’ Garden are selected according to their most important active agents, and it is surprising that 'everyday' plants like kitchen herbs can also be found here.

Along with the classical disciplines of botany, classification, ecology and morphology, the latest findings of molecular biology are rendered tangible with reference to living plants (flower development).

1 h | 2 € each | at least 20 € for groups up to 10
1.5 h | 2.50 € each | at least 25 € for groups up to 10
2 h | 3 € each | at least 30 € for groups up to 10

We recomend 10 to 15 pupils  for each group.

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