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Perennial Trials

Andreas Fischbach (head gardener in research & teaching, greenhouses | photo) represents the HHU botanical garden in the project group for perennial trails (Arbeitskreis Staudensichtung). The group was established to facilitate the systematic evaluation of perennial plant assortments and innovations. Its review projects have included species and varieties of Geranium (crane's bill), Helenium (sneezeweeds), Eriocapitella (Japanese anemone), Achillea (common yarrow) and Heuchera (coral bells, see the photo).

The growth of the perennials is observed over a period of three to five years and assessed on the basis of a set system. All results from the various trial locations (a total of 18 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are summarised and made accessible to a broad audience through publication in suitable media.

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