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Collection of endemic plants

Plants (and animals) that are native to a specific geographic location are called ‘endemic’. Globally occurring species are called ‘cosmopolitan’. There are many intermediate distribution types. Isolated habitats, such as islands, tend to have a high amount of endemic species, as the possibility of genetic mixing is low. This effect intensifies over time. The Galapagos Islands are the best known example, but the Canary Islands, Australia and the South African Cape region are also home to a large number of endemic species. One such relic, the Australian Wollemi pine, was only discovered in 1994. Only around 100 of these trees exist; they all stand in a nature reserve near Sydney. The exact location is kept secret to protect the last Wollemi pines.

Year of foundation: 1979

Number of taxa/accessions: about 150/180


  • Academic teaching

  • Conservation of species

  • Public display collection

  • Green School


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