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Lithops – living stones

The collection contains nearly two thirds of all species in the genus Lithops. Also known as 'living stones' or 'pebble plants', these plants have developed a striking survival strategy for extremely arid conditions. Their leaves constitute the succulent vegetative tissue of the plants; they are mostly buried below the surface of the soil. Inside their leaves are large water-storing cells, and the surface of the leaves allow light to enter the plant. Photosynthesis takes place on the leaf inside.

Founder: Prof. Dr. W. Stubbe († 2008)

Year of foundation: 1972

Number of taxa / accessionen: 50 / 103

Identified by Dr. Wolf-Achim Roland, Solingen

  • named after Desmond Thorne Cole: "D. T. Cole"
  • Photos (with the old labels) on flickr
  • Sources
    - Harald Jainta (2017): Wild Lithops
    - Achim Hecktheuer (2008): Mesembs - mehr als nur Lithops
    - The Encyclopedia of Succulents
    - www.lithops.info


  • Public display collection
  • Academic teaching
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